A Seoul motel For your Convenience

The motel name"Officetel" comes from a mix of English names; Hotel, motel, and officetel, the official title of this motel itself. The title Officetel is not only a brand-new name; it is also the trademark signage and logo. The official title of the motel has existed since 1940 and was initially called The Park Suites with a man named Franklyn Smith. Smith wanted to call it the"motel-suites" since it was not close to his hotel, and also because it was possessed by his family.

There are many images of the park Suites, such as one particular image that reveals the motel in its early days. Smith designed front and rear of the building to mimic the appearance of a classic English country residence, finish with carpentry and flower gardening. Many times pictures of those themes can be seen in the exterior of the building. Some of the more notable landscaping includes:

The outside of this motel is designed in goshiwon-do, or traditional Korean layout, and incorporates the colours of red and gold, with white and black contrasting colors. The building does not have any concrete floors; rather, the floors are made of flagstone pavers, which are coloured black and gold. As can be found in one of the murals at the front of the facility, a little boy stands at a piano playing a song of peace as a girl lays on a bed in a traditional Korean house with a pink bedspread and a white drape throughout the doorway.

The South Korea apartment which sits on the grounds is now the sole five-star motel in all Korea, with an approximate capacity of eleven hundred guests. Along with this three-room motel, the Korea apartment has a restaurant, pool and bar. The interior layout of this kitchen is very traditional with minimal usage of vivid colors or cool design components. As can be observed at the front of the building, the front desk clerk proudly wears a blue kimono, which will be in accord with the colours used in Korean culture.

The Seoul motel is located just two blocks from the competitors, a famous nightclub known as O'NDi and a favorite pub called Sang Doo. 전주오피 The location was selected due to the relative proximity of the two businesses. The motel is also strategically situated near the heavily traveled paths in and around Seoul. It's located directly in the middle of high-density business areas and shopping districts, which provides an excellent place for customers who want to be close to the core of Seoul.

The Seomang-do apartment provides its clients with a complete package which contains an online access suite, a private bath, a private kitchen with stocked kitchenette and a living area. The flat is supplied with a contemporary flat screen tv, an air conditioner unit, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a hair drier. The living area also features a cozy sofa and a side table. The internet access package offers unlimited access to a high speed net connection through a wired line.

A complete service small scale restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner is available to its patrons together with a full laundry service. Besides these basic amenities, the motel also provides guests its own in house restaurant that is open daily except Sunday. The O'NDi Lounge is right next to the motel.

Upon selecting the motel, one needs to make sure to have the standard amenities that are provided at all Seoul hotels, including a mini bar, housekeeping services, a welcome center, a phone, a fax, a mini-fridge and a mini-cafe. In addition to these standard services, the motel boasts an online portal, an internet gift store, a web-based restaurant and a shopping center. Each one of these services were created to offer you the best customer care to their clients.

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